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Product design , service design, prototype production and Mass production

We love to design and create Beautiful Products with delightful experience

Good design is honest.

Good design is innovative.

Good design makes a product understandable.

Good design is long lasting.


View our works below to see our design and way of development.


Along screw driver set

screwdriver used in product are considered to be the most useful screwdriver in our daily lives.

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Drop Stool

Drop stool made of metal and leather, contrast between the cold and warm materials.

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Leaf Lamp

Light surface of this unique lamp is placed in center of the overall shape, so it illuminate a soft and uniform light source. The light is separable from the main body so simple body shape with lower parts plus saving energy through low consumption of electricity give it a extra feature. Also touchable body for turning the light on or off is another modern feature of this unique light.

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